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The Versa-Rod, For Innovative Mouse and Small Mammal Enrichment

Spring-loaded, made from stainless steel with washable plastic end caps, the Versa-Rod is a simple and extremely versatile device designed to improve enrichment for all small rodents.

The video below shows some of the ways you can use this new, exclusive item from Otto Environmental.

Adding one or more Versa-Rods to your mouse, gerbil, or hamster cage can provide many opportunities for not only basic climbing enrichment, but for behavior control, to hang instruments for testing and toys for more advanced play.  7 1/2″ long.

Animal enrichment has never been better at Otto Environmental, with new products being added all the time. Visit our online store often to find many unique enrichment items, in-stock and ready to ship.

Caging and equipment is our other area of expertise, with loads of solutions for small to medium size animals.  We even offer custom solutions when something other than what we have in-stock is called for.

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Try a Rainbow of Imitation Kelp for Your Aquatics

kelp products colorful

Our artificial kelp is a way to provide colorful habitats for baby fish or obstacles for fun and play for larger fish and aquatic mammals.  It is made from an easy to maintain, heavy-duty, felt-like material that sinks when wet.  It comes in five colors and can be ordered cut straight or wavy.

This is one of the many products we offer at Otto Environmental that can be customized before we ship.  We will gladly sew, glue, and grommet as requested to provide increased lengths or various hanging options.