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Otto Environmental Teams up with the Rio Grande Zoo

Hornbills, like many bird species, have their own needs when it comes to enrichment.  Diane Longenecker, who is the Senior Keeper-Birds at ABQ BioPark-Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, NM, approached Otto Environmental about creating unique enrichment devices that utilize natural Abyssinian Hornbill behavior.

Otto Environmental owner and Senior Enrichment Designer, Jeff Otto, has now designed two different enrichment devices for Hornbills: the Hornbill Forage Tube and the Hornbill Forager.  Watch Maybelline, the Abyssinian Hornbill, enjoy working for her meal as she explores the depths of the Forage Tube.

While initially made for Hornbills, these unique feeders can provide many opportunities for enrichment of many large avian species.

The Forage Tube’s spinning drum is made of heavy duty fabric, with slats in which to hide food and treats.  It is adjustable, so the openings can be sized appropriately for the needs of the bird.  It includes an eye-bolt for hanging high or low.  It measures 23″ long and 7.5″ in diameter (58cm x 19cm).  Go to our online store to see more or to purchase.

Go here to see and read more about the Hornbill Forager.

Special thanks to Diane Longenecker of the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, NM.


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Swine Housing & Enrichment – Over 70 Products in Our Online Store

With five dozen enrichment items in stock, our online store provides lots of solutions to boredom for swine everywhere!

And the options we offer for housing and caging have been known to make our customers’ lives better, too.

See more of our swine enrichment items in our online store, starting at $3.49.

And check out the Swine Pens category of products, too!


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Wintering Zoo Animals in Northern Climates

Zoos across North America are home to many species of animals from around the world that are not native to cold climates and, in fact, would perish if special care were not taken during the Winter months.

The most obvious consideration is temperature.  Many species only require what might be considered a relatively wide range of temperatures and can be housed indoors during the Winter, in an environment controlled by a somewhat standard thermostat and heater.  Some species need to be kept at a more even level constantly, with a variance of as little as five degrees Farenheit in some  cases.  These animals typically live in completely enclosed habitats year-round, but may still require special treatment in Winter months.

Another factor in keeping animals healthy and happy is their food, which can be affected in Winter.  Animals whose habitats include edible trees and shrubs that they are used to eating in Summer may not even have leaves in Winter.  Some zookeepers harvest the plant foliage in the Fall and freeze dry it for Winter feeding.

Animals that are moved inside during the Winter still need exercise, so regular exercise periods in and out-of-doors may be called for.

Enrichment is key for Wintering animals, with strategies deployed to make foraging for food more challenging and to encourage daily play.

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Designed With Customer Input, Otto’s Adjustable Feed Cart Surpasses Expectations!

When we saw the difficulty some of our customers were having with the logistics of feeding large numbers of animals under their care, we worked with them to develop our Adjustable Feed Cart, handmade of durable stainless steel tubing.  Four heavy-duty 5″ casters give it extreme mobility and its 18″ x 26″ footprint allow it to fit in some pretty tight spaces.  Did we mention it is adjustable?  From a maximum height of 36″ down to 22″ in one-inch increments, it will put less stress on your back at feeding time.

The Adjustable Feed Cart is made to hold a 21.5 gallon clear polycarbonate bin, with optional lid and filter, sold separately.  The cart has been designed to conveniently hold the lid and filter when in use.

You can find all of these and more in the Otto Environmental online store:


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Floating, Feeding Enrichment for Seals, Otters, Penguins and Others

This simple floating feeder will be a sure hit with water-feeding animals.

The outer ring has an outside diameter of 24″ and stays afloat thanks to the inner ball.  Both ring and floating ball are made of molded polyethylene for long-lasting strength.

Order from the Otto Environmental online store »


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Primate Enrichment System

The Primate Enrichment System (PES) is made up of over 20 interchangeable toys and treat dispensers designed to enrich the lives of small to medium primates.  These colorful and entertaining products can be easily switched thanks to the adjustable stainless steel universal bracket, providing variety and entertainment.

Click here to visit our online store and see our entire line of PES products for primates, including the new larger and sturdier universal bracket designed to handle rough treatment form orangutangs and other larger primates.

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Sturdy Feed Dispenser for All Your Hoof Stock – An Otto Exclusive!

Horses, pigs, goats and other hoof stock can feed themselves with Otto Environmental’s exclusive Feed Dispenser, available in 4 sizes.  Feed is dispensed by the animal’s tongue pushing against the wooden rod protruding from the bottom of the sturdy plastic feed reservoir.  This versatile dispenser handles seed, corn and feed of any size.  Includes a heavy-duty steel chain and hardware for hanging.

7″ x 12″ Feed Dispenser

10″x 15″ Feed Dispenser

12″ x 17″ Feed Dispenser

18″ x 29″ Feed Dispenser

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The Elephant Drum – A Good Sound to Zookeepers’ Ears

baby elephant

The Elephant Drum provides much needed enrichment opportunities for our largest of mammals.  Can be packed with standard fare and treats for a true “all-day sucker” that any elephant will find entertaining and challenging.

Order now from the Otto Environmental store!

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Bingo Ball: Toy & Feeder – Simple Animal Enrichment

bingo ball toy feeder animal enrichment

The Bingo Ball & Feeder is one of the most versatile animal enrichment products we’ve seen, as well as one of the simplest.  It’s a 4″ diameter stainless steel ball that can be used as a toy, with or without the 2 noise-making balls inside.  And it can be used as a feeder when it’s loaded with a favorite treat.  Roll it, throw it, or hang it – for medium size animals.

Explore these products here!

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It’s a Habitat, It’s a Feeder, and It’s a Favorite of Zookeepers Everywhere

bears playing gull box animal abode enrichment

Also known as the Animal Abode, the Gull Box is made from rotationally moulded polyethelene box, modified with a hole.  It can be used as a small animal nesting place, and can be a dandy treat dispenser for bears where there are Gulls around.  It comes in 4 colors.