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Customer Favorite: Kong Quest Wishbone

dog excited by kong quest wishbone

Like most animals, dogs need to play. It is how they socialize, explore their environment and burn off excess energy.

A good game of fetch or tug-of-war can be great fun for you and your pup, but there are also a few games that only dogs can play alone – like the Kong Quest Wishbone.  

kong quest wishboneDogs that don’t have the opportunity to play with different toys or people can get bored quickly and begin to exhibit problem behaviors, like anxiety, chewing, digging, jumping up, biting, and even depression. As with all animals, it’s essential to have a variety of dog toys.  

Dog toys like the Kong Quest Wishbone have different functions, and to get the most fun out of your dog toys, you can also stuff them and freeze them for your pup and keep some other toys hidden away for later on.  

Dog toy trunks come in handy for this, especially if you’re like us and enjoy perusing the pet product sections, whether for dogs, horses, cats, or livestock. 

The Kong Quest Wishbone is an excellent toy for dogs that like to chew. It’s crafted from non-toxic, durable rubber and has a hollow center that you can fill with treats as a tasty reward. The Kong Quest Wishbone is also great for interactive playtime. You can hold one end of the toy while your dog chews on the other or use it to play tug-of-war. 

The Kong Quest Wishbone is available in two sizes: small and large, and is crafted in a few colors like purple (large breeds) and orange (small size).  

Kong toys are known for their durability and quality, and the Kong Quest Wishbone is no exception. It is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. It’s also dishwasher proof for an easy wash!  

If you are looking for a fun pet toy that will keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated, the Kong Quest Wishbone is a good chew interactive dog toy. Here’s the takeaway: 

The Wishbone is a treat dispensing toy with loads of personality! 

  • Features a unique design to challenge and engage 
  • Cleans teeth and helps with teething 
  • Allows for high-value treats and kibble insertion for fun, interactive play. 
  • Crafted in assorted colors 
  • Suitable for all breeds and life stages 

Fill the Kong Quest Wishbone with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble, and watch them have a blast trying to get to the goodies inside. Not only is the Kong Quest Wishbone a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, but it also helps to clean their teeth and massage their gums.  

The takeaway with this interactive dog toy is that it keeps your pup entertained while also being suitable for their health! The Kong Quest can be helpful for the following: 

  • Separation anxiety 
  • Puppy teething 
  • Boredom 
  • Canine depression 
  • Excessive barking 
  • Noise sensitivity 
  • Minimize destructive behaviors 
  • Anxious behaviors 
  • Mental stimulation 
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder 
  • Recouping from surgery 
  • Suitable for rescues and shelters to ease boredom and stress 

All-in-all, remember that dogs feel a bunch of emotions just like us. From boredom, sadness, anxiety, and stress to excitement and a need for play, our interaction with our dogs via interactive dog toys allows for further bonding and a deeper understanding of our dogs.  

Ultimately, interactive dog toys like the Kong Quest Wishbone help to create a well-rounded dog that is happy and healthy. Also, they are less likely to develop problem behaviors when combined with positive training, dog sports, pet vacays, and more.

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Animal Enrichment: We Are Molding Products to Fit Your Needs

How things are made can be fascinating to most people, so we thought you might want to see how some of our own exclusive Otto Environmental’s animal enrichment items are produced – right here in the USA!  Many of our most fun and creatively designed toys are made of colorful thermoplastic, injection molded here in Southeastern Wisconsin, and ready to stand up to amazingly extreme punishment from a host of various animal species, from canine to primate.

Click on an image below to go to our online store and find out more about some of the most durable and unique enrichment items you’ll ever see.

The Zoy ($9.45) The Zigg ($10.45)
The Z-2 ($9.45 ea.) The Zyro ($8.80 ea.)
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Durable and Colorful Chew Toy – The Grenade


Here’s a great toy for animals who like to play rough.  It’s made of nearly indestructible thermoplastic and has a center cavity for treats.  It comes in assorted colors and 3 sizes.  It also is available as a hanging toy.  Perfect enrichment toy for pets and other medium to large sized animals.

3 1/2″ Chew Grenade

4 1/2″ Chew Grenade

5″ Chew Grenade

Hanging 5″ Grenade


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Zoy Toy and the Z2 – Toys Made Exclusively by Otto Environmental

zoy hanging zoy primate toys dog toys enrichment

These are some of our most popular toys and enrichment items we make and sell.  From dogs to primates these colorful and durable thermoplastic toys will provide hours of fun and activity.  These toys are of our own design and have been field-tested by pet owners and zoo keepers across the United Sates with great results!

Check out The Zoy and The Z2 for yourself, exclusively on the Otto Environmental online store.

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Z2 Dog Toy

Z2 dog toy enrichment

The Z2 animal toy has quite a history in its evolution.  We were asked by one of our customers to come up with a colored replacement for the discontinued Nylaball.  The ball portion of the Z2 was our candidate.

After some time, it became apparent that only this customer was interested in the ball which did not justify our investment.  By adjusting the mold to attach the two balls with two center cords, a new toy resulted with the popularity one would hope for.

For more information, click here.

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The Dog Pack

Dog enrichment

Dogs are actually descended from wolves, and although the modern dog is much cuddlier nowadays than his wild ancestor, canines still have some wolf-like characteristics, including his sharp hearing, keen sense of smell and instinctive need to be part of a pack. Never forget that, to your dog, you and everyone else in your household or place of work are part of his/her pack.

A pack has one leader – someone who bosses everybody else around and is respected by all the other members. Your dog knows that somebody’s got to fill that top dog position at all times, in case your group get attacked by another pack; normally he’ll be happy to leave that top spot for you, but if you’re not ready to step up and take that job yourself, then he’ll have no choice but to do it. Don’t give him that chance, or you’ll have a world of behavioral problems on your hands. Just watch one episode of Dog Whisperer and you will find that tons of people have out-of-control dogs but all of them have a relatively simple fix. Make sure you’re unquestionably the top dog – for your own peace of mind and for your dog’s as well.