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Animal Enrichment: We Are Molding Products to Fit Your Needs

How things are made can be fascinating to most people, so we thought you might want to see how some of our own exclusive Otto Environmental’s animal enrichment items are produced – right here in the USA!  Many of our most fun and creatively designed toys are made of colorful thermoplastic, injection molded here in Southeastern Wisconsin, and ready to stand up to amazingly extreme punishment from a host of various animal species, from canine to primate.

Click on an image below to go to our online store and find out more about some of the most durable and unique enrichment items you’ll ever see.

The Zoy ($9.45) The Zigg ($10.45)
The Z-2 ($9.45 ea.) The Zyro ($8.80 ea.)
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BIG FUN for Your Big Friends – The Aptly Named TITAN!

A big package of fun for the large animals in your care… the Titan, an Otto Environmental exclusive.

This is the largest in a line of similar toys for animals of all sizes, which also includes the Weeble and the Weeto, all designed and manufactured by Otto Environmental.

The Titan measures 36″ high, with walls of 7/16″ thick polyethylene, weighing in at 200 lbs. and able to take lots of punishment.  Great for teething!

See more about the TITAN in our online store »


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Primate Enrichment System

The Primate Enrichment System (PES) is made up of over 20 interchangeable toys and treat dispensers designed to enrich the lives of small to medium primates.  These colorful and entertaining products can be easily switched thanks to the adjustable stainless steel universal bracket, providing variety and entertainment.

Click here to visit our online store and see our entire line of PES products for primates, including the new larger and sturdier universal bracket designed to handle rough treatment form orangutangs and other larger primates.

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Kong: Highly Adaptable, in Many Colors, Sizes and Uses

The versatile and diverse line of Kong toys will give hours of chasing, chewing and teeth cleaning fun.  We carry over two dozen different Kong chew toys that are recommended by trainers, veterinarians, and dog lovers all over the world.

The Kong can be hung on a chain, filled with treats, tossed around with an unpredictable bounce and totally enjoyed by dogs of all sizes.

Here is a link to our online store where you can see all we offer »


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Sound and Motion in One Great Toy – The Orion From Otto Environmental

Here’s a toy that provides both sound and motion, sure to attract and keep the attention of primates, large birds, rabbits and more.  The Orion’s inner steel ring holds multi-colored disks and revolves inside of the larger outer steel ring.  It includes a strong steel chain for hanging.  Another great animal enrichment toy exclusively available from Otto Environmental.

Order in quantity today!

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Try a Rainbow of Imitation Kelp for Your Aquatics

kelp products colorful

Our artificial kelp is a way to provide colorful habitats for baby fish or obstacles for fun and play for larger fish and aquatic mammals.  It is made from an easy to maintain, heavy-duty, felt-like material that sinks when wet.  It comes in five colors and can be ordered cut straight or wavy.

This is one of the many products we offer at Otto Environmental that can be customized before we ship.  We will gladly sew, glue, and grommet as requested to provide increased lengths or various hanging options.