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The Benefits of Ball-Style Enrichment Products

There’s something fun and exciting about rolling, throwing, and catching a ball.

Maybe you’ve played fetch with a dog or watched a cat bat a ball around. The truth is many animals, both exotic and domestic, obtain entertainment and comfort with ball enrichment devices. Balls facilitate exercise, exploration, interaction with the environment and other animals, and can also be a bond-forming between animals and caregivers. We have ball-style environmental enrichment products for all sizes of animals ranging from mice to hoof stock. Keep in mind when it comes to enrichment, the only limit is your imagination. A tough dog ball works with pigs, horses, and primates. A tiny bird ball can be used with small cats and even rodents like mice and rats.

The Jolly Ball Push-N-Play was designed to be an indestructible dog ball. These balls hold up to fetching, chewing, and rough play. They even float! That makes the Jolly Ball ideal for pigs, zebras, wolves, and primates ranging from apes to macaques. The Texas Biomedical Research Institute recommends the use of balls for primate manipulative enrichment. In particular, hard plastic balls, like the Jolly Ball, are recommended.

Jolly Ball Push-N-Play

Feeder balls, like the Stubbs England Horsey Ball, have proven to be effective enrichment with a variety of animals like zebras, horses, pigs, wolves, coyotes and other foraging animals.

The Horsey Ball is a “dribble feeder.” The idea is to load the ball with appropriate biscuit or kibbled foods. As the device is rolled, nudged, or handled, food is slowly dispensed. This multisensory enrichment using treat-based puzzle-solving has proven effective with swine, primates, and bears. Treat-dispensing balls have even helped with captive walruses!

Stubbs England Horsey Ball

Research continues to show that enrichment is beneficial and even essential for small animal health in zoo, shelter, and research settings. Soft ball products like the Ferret Sport Ball are easy for animals like mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals to nudge, carry, roll and nestle. The Atomic Nut Ball is an all-wood toy designed to be chewable. This satisfies the desire of rabbits and other small animals to gnaw and chew, preventing boredom and stereotypical behavior in enclosures and petting displays.

Atomic Nut Ball
Ferret Sport Ball

Don’t forget the birds!

Conures, African grays, cockatoos, cockatiels, and other parrots love to manipulate, taste, rattle, and tug on small balls. Foraging balls provide puzzle-solving activities with a food reward and have been shown to be effective with parrots. The hanging Buffet Ball provides parrots with needed visual, tactile, and taste stimuli.

Buffet Ball

Caring for large animals? They’ll benefit from large balls!

Amber Barnes, writing about horse enrichment for, recommends rolling enrichment devices coupled with food dispensing. Sheep, goats, cattle, large primates, and bears will benefit from products like the huge 30” Planet Ball. It’s big, tough, and easy to roll!

30″ Planet Ball

No matter what type of animals you have in your facility, there are ball-style enrichment devices that improve animal health, quality of life, and research outcomes.

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What’s the deal with KONG?

You probably recognize the KONG brand of dog toys. Did you know KONG has been producing enrichment products for exotic and companion animals since 1976?

KONG is recognized by animal professionals around the world as a manufacturer of exceptional enrichment products for all kinds of animals. Whether in a zoo, home, laboratory, or shelter, these products will help animals feel secure in their environment.

KONG products have been the subject of primate enrichment research studies and found to provide effective enrichment through novel product design. The Texas Biomedical Research Institute recommends KONG products like the Hanging Rubber Forager and Stuff a Ball, in their Primate Enrichment Manual. But the Kong enrichment products go beyond primates.

hanging red rubber foraging device
Hanging KONG Classic

Amber Banes, writing about enrichment for horses for the Open Sanctuary Project, says “Add things they can manipulate with their hooves, like balls, and things they can toss around with their mouths.” KONG manufactures durable balls suitable for horses and other hooved animals. Research indicates that horses and other animals fare better when they are offered grazing variety and challenges. Slow-feeding reduced stereotypical behavior. The KONG Zoo Classic is designed to make it easy to provide this form of enrichment.

kong zoo classic gallery with sku
KONG Zoo Classic (3 Styles)

You’re familiar with KONG dog chew toys but they’re great for all canines. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (Phoenix, AZ) found that KONG toys stuffed with treats helped dogs stay calm while in quarantine. You can use the same technique for all canids: like wolves, jackals, and foxes. Whether in an enclosure, during transport, while in veterinary care, or when acclimating a new arrival.

Perdue University’s Center for Animal Welfare Science notes that canine boredom is a real issue and can be countered with enrichment products stuffed with treats, tossing a ball during human-canine interaction, and even tug of wars with other canines. It’s also important to periodically change the enrichment toys to keep the animals interested and challenged.

We can’t forget about cats, large or small!

Don’t be fooled by their stoic behavior. Unhappy felines can appear calm but have elevated stress hormones. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) have published the Environmental Needs Guidelines for cats. Larger cats in zoo and park environments have similar enrichment needs. All have a desire to stalk, pounce, chew and explore interesting scents, tastes, and textures. KONG has created a full range of enrichment products for any sized cat. The Nibble Crtitters Catnipillar is ideal for small cats. The Duratreat Ring is a food puzzle that you fill with interesting scents and tastes and can be enjoyed by larger cats.

There is no limit to where you’ll be able to use KONG products in your animal care facility. Chickens and other birds can become stressed if not provided with an interesting environment. One of the ways to keep birds happy is through the use of enrichment toys like colorful balls and feeding puzzles.

chickens playing with kong genius leo
KONG Genius Leo

No matter what animals your caring for KONG has safe, durable products that will fit right into your enrichment program.


YouTube video of KONG manufacturing:

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Celebrating Special Events in Your Animal’s Life

celebrating special events in your animals life

It’s always meaningful to celebrate an important milestone in your animal’s life.

Celebrating special events is fun for staff and visitors alike! Having a celebration focused on a milestone is a great way to highlight what’s happening at your zoo or petting farm. Media outlets love to cover these events, bringing awareness to your facility. The Pittsburg Zoo’s gender reveal party for a baby gorilla was a popular event covered by a local television station.

Here are a few of the milestones you’ll want to celebrate and share with visitors, patrons, and media outlets:

Partnering with your Local School

Also, don’t forget to include local schools. Chances are kids have already had a field trip to your location. Kids love animals and teachers can easily have a classroom adopt an animal. Think of ways to include them in the event process. Consider having a contest to name a new arrival. Field trips to see the adopted animal makes a connection between the kids, animals, and staff.

Celebrations and Donations

These events are the perfect time to let supporters know what your animals need with specific gift ideas, because this allows them to see what their donations are going to provide for the animals. Communication is important, so consider these suggestions:

  • Create a “gift registry” where an enrichment toy will be gifted to a specific animal. This is especially fun for gender reveal celebrations and new arrivals.
  • Buy gift certificates for local zoos
  • Visitors and supporters recognize large animals that have names. Announcing a birthday party on social media is the ideal way to celebrate the animal, promote the facility, and allow donors to give a gift to their favorite “zoo celebrity”. Check out the birthday party for Jonathan the Tortoise!
  • Try announcing a Spring or Fall “clean-up” event where old enrichment items are discarded and replaced with new ones.
  • Creating a year-end celebration event is an effective way to communicate all the great events that have occurred at your facility. It can also open the door for donors to contribute to your animal’s needs. Let them know that a year-end gift will have a lasting impact, from caring for the latest baby animal to providing enrichment items for the lions, birds, horses, and other types of animals you care for.

Keep visitors and patrons informed

If your facility is adding an exhibit, promote it with “Coming Soon” on the website and social media. Whether it’s a renovation, attraction, or new animal that’s making its home at your zoo or petting farm, let the word out! People are interested in fun and meaningful experiences with friends and family, so you know there’s always something to do at your local zoo or petting farm. Remind the public of what you have to offer by celebrating these animal-themed milestones and holidays. It’s fun for the visitors and the animals in your care, and it invites the public to take in all that your facility has to offer.

Holee Roller Modified for Gender Reveals
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Nesting Boxes

nesting box

Animals have a strong desire to nest in a secluded area of their environment. Nesting boxes are an essential enrichment method for stress reduction, bully prevention, and improved well-being.

Find the right nesting box for your animal!


Nesting Box – Small Animal

Nesting Box – Small Animal

This nesting box is designed for small animals like hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. The box is made of 3/8″ thick white polypropylene. It has an inner chamber for added seclusion. The nesting box has pre-drilled holes for hanging and drains. The box is available with an optional removable floor. We also can build boxes to your specifications. The nesting box is suitable for all animal care facilities requiring effective environmental enrichment including zoos, animal rescues, veterinary clinics, and research settings.


  • Can be suspended
  • Dimensions: 17″ x 15″ x 11″
  • Reduces stress and aggressive behavior
  • Autoclavable and washer safe

Nesting/Transfer Box

Nesting/Transfer Box

We designed this dual-purpose box with the help of animal care specialists. The clear polycarbonate box is 12” x 12” x 12” and has a sliding door that is controlled by a metal rod. This makes it easy to safely capture an animal by luring it into the box with food. It also serves as a handy animal transfer chamber. Small animals like hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rats along with ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas find the box ideal for nesting. The clear 3/8” plastic allows you to observe behavior. Three side ports accommodate 60 cc syringes. All hardware is rust-proof stainless-steel. The nesting/transfer box is suitable for all animal care facilities requiring effective environmental enrichment including zoos, animal rescues, veterinary clinics, and research settings. The box is autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


  • Door can open from left or right
  • Included eye bolts for hanging
  • Makes capture and transfer easy
  • Autoclavable & washer safe

Small Animal Nesting Box

Small Animal Nesting Box

The Small Animal Nesting box is made of stainless-steel with a removable ½” polycarbonate floor. It is ideal for laboratory and zoo use where durability and ease of cleaning is paramount. Options include a solid or perforated floor. Ideal for rats, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. 10″ x 10″ x 20″ long. The box is recommended for all animal care facilities requiring effective environmental enrichment including zoos, animal rescues, veterinary clinics, and research settings. The box is autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


  • Rust-proof 304 stainless-steel
  • Rugged construction
  • Removable floor
  • Autoclavable & washer safe

Nesting Box (3 Variations)

Nesting Box (3 Variations)

We designed three variations of this popular nesting box, based on requests from animal care professionals. These nesting boxes are suitable for all animal care facilities requiring effective environmental enrichment including zoos, animal rescues, veterinary clinics, and research settings. Use this nesting box with tamarins, spider monkeys, capuchins, marmosets, squirrels, and similar animals to provide a quiet space for rest and stress reduction. These products are autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings. Custom sizes are available.

White and Black Nesting Boxes

  • Made of 3/8” polypropylene
  • Sliding access door
  • 3 7/8” opening
  • 6.5″ x 10″ animal space

Stainless Steel Nesting Box

  • Made of rust-proof stainless-steel
  • Sliding access door
  • Includes stainless-steel eye bolts for hanging
  • 3 3/4” opening
  • 8″ x 10″ animal space

Jerboa Nesting Box

Jerboa Nesting Box

Jerboas are secretive and thrive in zoo, pet, and laboratory settings only when they have proper environmental enrichment. Their natural predator avoidance instinct is to dart for shelter. Our Jerboa Nesting Box is a dual chamber design with an inner quiet nesting area for sensitive rodents like Jerboas. The box and inner divider are constructed of polypropylene with a stainless-steel hinge on the lid. Measures 14.5″ x 6.75″ x 6.75″. Use this nesting box with jerboas, mice, rats, gerbils, hamster, moles, and similar animals. The box is autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


  • Reduces stress and satisfies nesting instinct
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Autoclavable & washer safe
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December Gift Giving

Holiday and end-of-year donor support tips

The holidays are upon us and we’re thinking about gift-giving to friends, family, and pets. The good news is many people like to donate to their local zoo, animal shelter, and rescue facility. It’s also a time of end-of-year giving for tax purposes. Maybe you’re making a wish-list of items your facility needs for the 2023 season. But how to get the message out there to friends and donors? Here are some effective methods for easily getting the word out in time for holiday giving.

Social media

Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets are an ideal way to let people know they can give animals a holiday gift. Simply create a holiday post that links to your donation page on your facility’s website.

Support for specific animals

Many people like to support their favorite animal. Some are fans of primates while others love otters or canines. Animal shelters appeal to small animals like dogs and cats. Large animal rescues, depending on their focus, will have horses, pigs, alpacas, and other types of large animals. You can create multiple social media posts, using a variety of animal-specific images and products, to let your donors know how to support their favorite animal.

Get specific with your wish list

One of the most effective ways of communicating your needs is with a wish list. Share it on your website, by email or at the facility. Make a list of products and explain how they enrich the animal’s lives. Show an image of the item and animal that benefits from the enrichment product. Feel free to use our product images, like for this Cylinder.

Polyethylene Cylinder


Don’t shy away from a little creative marketing

Slogans like “Giving gifts is for the birds” may seem a little corny, but it resonates with animal-lovers. Tell a story that helps donors identify with the need.

Some of our animals’ favorite toys are ones that roll, wobble and are just fun to pounce on or chase. These items are important for the animal’s physical and mental well-being, but they wear out over time. Help us replenish our animals’ worn-but-well-loved toys!

You can also reinforce your facility’s goals and the importance of enrichment products for animal well-being:

By purchasing a present for Your Facility’s Name, you help our animal keepers/caregivers/veterinarians provide a happy life for the animals.

Be sure to explain that:

These products support research, help refurbish our animals’ habitats, and provide toys that enable animals to express their natural behaviors through play.

In-person events

If your facility has a holiday open house, use that opportunity to share your wish list and animal’s needs. It’s a great time to show worn-out enrichment toys and explain how important new ones are to the animals.

Otto Environmental is dedicated to helping you care for the animals in your care by providing high-quality animal enrichment products and systems. We wish you a happy holidays and look forward to serving you in the new year.


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Creating Habitat Enrichment with Ladders, Rafts, and Hammocks

primate in a round hammock

Periodically changing your animal’s environment creates new experiences that stimulate mind and body.

Physical and cognitive enrichment counter “under-challenge” situations where animals become bored. Research suggests that when animals learn to “conquer” a new challenge, it results in better emotional health and less stress. Marian Stamp Dawkins (Dept. of Zoology, University of Oxford) notes that when animals are prevented from performing desired activities, abnormal and sometimes harmful behaviors come to the surface. Cage biting often leads to mouth damage. Birds may scratch about or fight with other birds. Elephants rock back and forth.

Adding enrichment items that mimic vines, trees, and perching areas stimulate animals to explore their environment, exercising mind and body. It is not necessary to “remodel” your animal’s habitat to keep them engaged and healthy.

Here are a few time-tested enrichment devices that are easy to install and work with a variety of animals.

The Tirezan Primate Swing was developed for monkeys, apes, and orangutans. But we found other animals like Pandas and Koalas find the Tirezan appealing. The natural rubber tire hangs from three stainless-steel chains. The polypropylene upper deck prevents the chains from getting tangled and makes it easy to hang the Tirezan from a tree or other mount.

tirezan swing
Tirezan Swing

Smaller primates like Tamarins, Marmosets, Gibbons, and Macaques love to hang and swing from the Dream Swing. Made from sturdy, high-density plastic, the Dream Swing can take rough play and multiple primates climbing aboard. The swing is 16” wide and comes with an 18” stainless-steel chain for hanging. You can even add Hanging Snack Balls to add food-based enrichment. Small primates enjoy moving about above-ground, much like their behavior in the wild.

Dream Swing

The Collapsible Ladder provides small primates an elevated place to climb and explore. The 1” PEX plastic rungs are easy to grasp with paw or claws. You can hang the ladder between posts, trees, or attach it to a wall. Need a longer ladder? Just join two ladders together with the clasps. The ladder also works well with larger parrots as a perch.

collapsible ladder
Collapsible Ladder

Rest time is not time wasted, animals need a comfy and secure location to nap or lounge.

The Banana Hammock is a favorite among ferrets. The soft fleece and pouch-like hammock creates the ideal bedding and social meeting place. Large animals need a sturdy hammock that can handle the weight and wear caused by heavy animals. The Aussie Dog Borneo Hammock is three meters in diameter. Made of rip-stop canvas, the Borneo Hammock will support large primates, bears and other heavy carnivores.

Aussie Dog Borneo Hammock

Mammals like otters, seals, sea lions and other pinnipeds enjoy gathering on a raft or just lazing in the sun. The Aussie Dog Seal Float provides a stable raft made of rip-stop webbing and a stainless-steel frame. The smaller Otter Float with mirror appeals to otters but also attracts seabirds.

Aussie Dog Seal Float

We offer many more swings, ladders, and rafts, in a variety of materials and sizes for just about any animal in your care. If you need enrichment ideas, please contact us.

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Lab Animal Enrichment & Impact on Research Outcomes

lab mice

Traditionally, laboratory animals were kept in “bare bones” environments. The idea was to simplify the experiment and eliminate as many variables as possible.

However, with declining experimental reproducibility rates in human trials (only 1 in 9 drugs entering human trials will succeed), there is a growing suspicion that the low rate of translation from animal research to human outcomes may be related to animal welfare in the trials.

Regarding this dilemma Dr. Joseph Garner, associate professor for the comparative medicine department at Stanford noted “In my opinion, [the problem] fundamentally boils down to the quality of science being done in the initial discovery work with animals, and it’s inseparable from animal welfare.”

Otto Environmental understands the need to enrich the lives of lab animals for their welfare and success in trials. We’ve designed these easy to implement enrichment products to help improve your animal’s welfare in the laboratory environment.

The Rat Loft is a stainless steel is a hanging platform provides a “hangout” for rats and mice. For instance, they may climb onto the ledge or nestle under it. The Rat Loft is available as a solid platform or a perforated ledge and is autoclavable for sanitation.

rat loft gallery
Rat Loft (2 Styles)

Small rodents like to retreat to dark, safe spaces. The Jerboa Nesting Box is ideal for mice, rats, gerbils, jerboas, hamsters, and moles. The box has an inner divider that creates a separate space for nest building.  Additionally, the lid has a stainless-steel hinge allowing for easy access to the box.

Jerboa Nesting Box

Adding complexity to your animal’s environment improves health and development. The Stainless Steel Hanging Mirror is an interesting “shiny object” that intrigues curious animals. The all-stainless construction is smooth, rugged, and easy to clean.

Hanging Mirror

Mice and other rodents thrive when they have things to explore and nibble. The Mouse Relaxer provides tactile, visual, and audible stimulation. All types of rodents love to lick, grasp, and rattle the stainless-steel bead chains. Just hang it from a cage bar.

mouse relaxer enrichment device
Mouse Relaxer

It’s no secret small rodents like mice and gerbils love to crawl through tubes. However, a cardboard tube will get chewed up in minutes. Our 3” Stainless-Steel Rodent Tube can’t be shredded! The 3” x 3” tube won’t rust and is autoclavable. The 4” Rat Round Rodent Tube is larger (4” x 6”) and suitable for rodents of any size including large rats. Small rodents like mice and mole rats will enjoy our 2” x 4” Mouse Round and Mouse Square stainless-steel tubes. All tubes have smooth, safe edges.

Stainless Steel Rodent Tubes

Boredom creates stress in rabbits. The Rabbit Relaxer is a larger version of the Mouse Relaxer. Mount the relaxer on a cage bar. Rabbits like to rear up on hind legs to investigate this enrichment tool.

rabbit relaxer
Rabbit Relaxer

Edible Enrichment is a key component for creating a positive primate habitat. One product, The Spin-A-Snack Primate Enrichment System (PES), is a rotating polycarbonate feeder that dispenses interesting foods like peanuts, seeds, and popcorn. The Spin-A-Snack is compatible with the PES system.

Spin-A-Snack (PES)
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Improving Monkey Pox Research with Habitat Enrichment Products

Biomedical research related to the Monkey Pox virus is on the upswing. Studies in host-pathogen relationships and transmission dynamics are relying on non-human primates such as chimpanzees and monkeys. Maintaining the health and well-being of primates is necessary for the physical and mental wellbeing of the animals. Environmental enrichment is a proven technique to improve the quality of non-human primate experiments.

That’s why we developed the Otto Environmental Primate Enrichment System (PES). It is a comprehensive array of products that satisfy the desire to investigate while creating a calming environment for primates in the lab, transport pen, and zoo.

The foundation of the PES is the Universal Bracket.

universal bracket pesThe stainless-steel bracket mounts to cage bars. The bracket provides a sturdy mounting system for all the PES enrichment products. The Universal Bracket makes it easy to add and change enrichment devices, so chimps and monkeys are occupied. The PES system has enrichment products suitable for primates ranging from tiny marmosets to large apes.


The Otto Spinners are a favorite with busy monkeys like tamarins, capuchins, and chimps.

otto spinnersColorful plastic spinners provide cognitive and auditory stimulation. Ultra strong stainless-steel hardware won’t rust, even with frequent cleaning. Spinners are ideal for reducing stress in transport enclosures.


The Spinning Mirror is a four-sided acrylic mirror set into a sturdy polycarbonate base and lid.

spinning mirrorBehavior research shows chimps and orangutans are capable of self-recognition. The mirror rotates on stainless-steel hardware. Got monkeys? They love the Spinning Mirror too!


Suitable for New and Old-World monkeys, The Abacus has it all.

AbacusSpinning shapes, multiple colors and a bell create auditory and visual stimuli. The textured shapes are easily manipulated by small paws.


The Talkie Phone lights up and makes sounds when the buttons are pressed.

talkie phoneCell phones keep us busy and entertained. Why not monkeys and apes? The inner device is battery-powered and sheltered in a protective case that mounts to the Universal Bracket. This unique manipulative provides auditory, tactile, and cognitive enrichment to all monkeys and chimps.


Whether you’re transporting primates or enriching their living space, the Boinker Ball checks all the boxes for cognitive stimulation.

Boinker BallMounted on a stainless-steel rod and spring assembly is a 3″ polyethylene ball. The ball spins and bounces up and down, creating the “boink” action that keeps primates from macaques to orangutans entertained.


Similar to the Boinker Ball, the Otto Environmental Activity Panel provides the type of complex, satisfying environment lab animals need.

activity panelThe spinning, bouncing shapes and bumpy dental bone provide a calming affect during transport, in an enclosure, or zoo environment.


The Otto Environmental Primate Enrichment System is designed to create a complex environment that reduces or eliminates stereotypical behavior while improving the lives of the animals. Primate Enrichment System enrichment devices are simple to install, easy to clean and a snap to swap out. Otto Environmental makes it easy to provide effective primate sensory and cognitive stimulation while relieving stress and boredom in transport and during the biomedical studies.


small monkey in hammock

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Tips for Enriching Your Animal’s Aquatic Habitat

enriching device for aquatic animal polar bear

Summertime brings many visitors to zoos and public aquariums. It is no secret people love watching animals have fun in the water. But as any animal care professional knows, it takes more than just water to keep the animals engaged with their environment.

Ursids are inquisitive. Bears need interesting things to keep them curious and active in their environment. Bears really enjoy wrestling with large objects on land and in the water. The Funny Float is designed to provide large animals like bears and tigers with a toy that is the right size and shape, and able to stand up to the rough treatment dished out by these animals. Instead of taking a one size fits all approach, the Funny Float is available in a variety of sizes and wall thickness so you can match the float to the animal. Funny Floats are available in over twenty color patterns, making it easy to select the right design for your exhibit.

If you are caring for polar bears, penguins, otters, turtles, and other animals that enjoy the water, the Ice Flow has proven to be a winner. The Ice Flow is a floating platform for penguins and other birds. It’s also something for bears and tigers to push around. To increase engagement and curiosity, the Ice Flow has a food chamber that slowly releases food scent and flavor through six grooves molded into the structure.

Creating the proper environment for penguins is key to their long-term wellbeing. Many of the more common enrichment tools are not interesting to the birds. Some Penguin keepers have given up on the idea of using enrichment toys. Georgia Podmore from Penguins International notes that birds are sometimes nervous around the balls and other objects. She suggests experimenting with a mirror suspended under water. This is good advice. Our Underwater Mirror is built for this purpose! The exhibit-safe Lexan mirrors and stainless-steel hardware are durable and will not corrode. The Underwater Mirror provides penguins (and other aquatic life) an engaging focal point within the underwater environment.

An otter environment requires land and aquatic habitats to reduce stress and keep the family groups cohesive. It is recommended to provide otters with complex shapes in the aquatic side of the display. Aussie Dog Zoo designed their Otter Float with this in mind. The Float provides a stable platform for lazing in the sun and playing with others in the group. A Lexan mirror completes the package for full sensory, physical and interactive enrichment. Penguins and other seabirds also find the floating platform appealing.

A simple way to stimulate many of the animals in your care is with our Teaser Balls. More than a regular ball toy, Teaser Balls are a ball within a ball. This design has proven popular with many animals because it provides physical and auditory stimulation. The sights and sounds of the rattling balls are like a puzzle to solve. Whether on land or in the water, your animals will love chewing, pushing and playing with a Teaser Ball.

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Customer Favorite: Kong Quest Wishbone

dog excited by kong quest wishbone

Like most animals, dogs need to play. It is how they socialize, explore their environment and burn off excess energy.

A good game of fetch or tug-of-war can be great fun for you and your pup, but there are also a few games that only dogs can play alone – like the Kong Quest Wishbone.  

kong quest wishboneDogs that don’t have the opportunity to play with different toys or people can get bored quickly and begin to exhibit problem behaviors, like anxiety, chewing, digging, jumping up, biting, and even depression. As with all animals, it’s essential to have a variety of dog toys.  

Dog toys like the Kong Quest Wishbone have different functions, and to get the most fun out of your dog toys, you can also stuff them and freeze them for your pup and keep some other toys hidden away for later on.  

Dog toy trunks come in handy for this, especially if you’re like us and enjoy perusing the pet product sections, whether for dogs, horses, cats, or livestock. 

The Kong Quest Wishbone is an excellent toy for dogs that like to chew. It’s crafted from non-toxic, durable rubber and has a hollow center that you can fill with treats as a tasty reward. The Kong Quest Wishbone is also great for interactive playtime. You can hold one end of the toy while your dog chews on the other or use it to play tug-of-war. 

The Kong Quest Wishbone is available in two sizes: small and large, and is crafted in a few colors like purple (large breeds) and orange (small size).  

Kong toys are known for their durability and quality, and the Kong Quest Wishbone is no exception. It is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. It’s also dishwasher proof for an easy wash!  

If you are looking for a fun pet toy that will keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated, the Kong Quest Wishbone is a good chew interactive dog toy. Here’s the takeaway: 

The Wishbone is a treat dispensing toy with loads of personality! 

  • Features a unique design to challenge and engage 
  • Cleans teeth and helps with teething 
  • Allows for high-value treats and kibble insertion for fun, interactive play. 
  • Crafted in assorted colors 
  • Suitable for all breeds and life stages 

Fill the Kong Quest Wishbone with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble, and watch them have a blast trying to get to the goodies inside. Not only is the Kong Quest Wishbone a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, but it also helps to clean their teeth and massage their gums.  

The takeaway with this interactive dog toy is that it keeps your pup entertained while also being suitable for their health! The Kong Quest can be helpful for the following: 

  • Separation anxiety 
  • Puppy teething 
  • Boredom 
  • Canine depression 
  • Excessive barking 
  • Noise sensitivity 
  • Minimize destructive behaviors 
  • Anxious behaviors 
  • Mental stimulation 
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder 
  • Recouping from surgery 
  • Suitable for rescues and shelters to ease boredom and stress 

All-in-all, remember that dogs feel a bunch of emotions just like us. From boredom, sadness, anxiety, and stress to excitement and a need for play, our interaction with our dogs via interactive dog toys allows for further bonding and a deeper understanding of our dogs.  

Ultimately, interactive dog toys like the Kong Quest Wishbone help to create a well-rounded dog that is happy and healthy. Also, they are less likely to develop problem behaviors when combined with positive training, dog sports, pet vacays, and more.