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Social Media Takes on a New Look – Apps for Apes Program

iPad Enrichment is the coolest thing in the world of animal/human communication I’ve ever seen!

More than a dozen zoos in North America are working with Orangutan Outreach, a New York non-profit organization, to provide iPads to intelligent primates and especially orangutans, who are an endangered species in areas of the world they are found.

The iPads provide music and visual stimuli, as well as serve as a means of communicating.  The idea of an endangered species using high-tech gadgets is ironically appealing to me.  They are drawing and playing virtual musical instruments, as well.  For more info, you can visit these sites:

Orangutan Outreach: Apps for Apes Program

Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee, WI: iPad Enrichment Program

The Houston Zoo: Problem Solving With Apes

The Toronto Zoo: Toronto Zoo Sumatran Orangutans Join The iPad Generation! (downloadable .pdf)

Enrichment for primates can be a particular challenge, but one we have solutions for in the Otto Environmental online store.  The Primate Enrichment System (PES) is many solutions in one, with over 20 inter-changeable toys and treat dispensers.


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