ZHaus Mouse 6″ Diameter


An autoclavable, stainless steel toy for mice. Shown with 2 – 1 1/4″ diameter holes, but can be customized to fit your requirement.


Whether your keeping mice in a zoo environment or laboratory setting, using a nesting box for environmental enrichment is essential. A nesting box stops stereotypical behavior and helps bring about consistent outcomes in research trials. The ZHaus Mouse is made from stainless steel. Mice can’t flip it over or chew it up. The ZHaus Mouse is 6” in diameter with two 1-1/4” holes. We can customize the number and size of the hole.  The ZHaue Mouse can be used with all species including Harvest mice, Deer mice, Pocket mice, Jumping mice, and Kangaroo mice along with research hybrid mice like NOD, NRL, FVB, and transgenic mice. The ZHaus Mouse is suitable for all animal care facilities requiring effective environmental enrichment including zoos, animal rescues, veterinary clinics, and research settings. Its autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


  • Reduces stress
  • Satisfies need to nest
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Autoclavable


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