Wooden 2″ Block Cube Birch for Mice and Rats


Milled from solid Hardwood Birch (not laminated/glued).  Made in Maine, USA.

1 - 99$3.19$0.00
100 - 999$2.90$0.29
1000 - 1999$2.55$0.64


  • For small animals that love to gnaw
  • Expect variations in grain and color
  •  These chewing cubes are very suitable for mice. You can hang them on the wall of the cage to train mice to climb and bite these small squares. You can also put it directly in the cage, and most pets can push, throw, and roll. They can also distract pets and prevent them from chewing on cages, sleeping beds, and other furniture.
  • The incisor teeth of rodents grow throughout their lives, otherwise, teeth will be uncomfortable if they are too long. Aides with the prevention of teeth from growing too fast and too long, and keeping healthy and trim.
  • Suitable for rodents such as mice and rats in a laboratory settings


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