Water Bowl – Primate Enrichment System (PES)



The water Bowl is made of sturdy polyethylene. The opening has smooth, finished edges. The Water Bowl can be filled with water or used as a feeding and treat station. The bowl attaches to Universal PES Bracket. This makes it quick and easy to swap out bowls during washing, refilling and other daily animal care tasks.  The Water Bowl is part of our Primate Enrichment System (PES) family of products. The bracket makes it easy to insert a variety of enrichment products, like the Boinker Ball and Fruit Feeder. The PES system is designed for animal enrichment for animal transportation, laboratory settings, veterinary enclosures, and zoo habitats. All PES components are autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.  For all types of monkeys and apes including tamarins, capuchins, marmosets, macaques, langurs, orangutans, gibbons, and chimpanzees.


  • Satisfies primate’s desire to forage and explore.
  • Easy swap out for cleaning and refilling.
  • For use with the Universal PES Bracket
  • Autoclavable and washer-safe


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