Titan-Large Bear Big Cat Elephant Toy


 One of the largest animal toys.

Great teetering action.


  • Twice as big as our popular Weeble
  • measures 24″ dia x 36″ high
  • weighs approx. 120 lbs
  • heavy-duty 7/16″ wall
  • shown with Weeble and Weeto for size comparison
  • NOTE: Due to the large size and action of the Titan, please exercise care when giving to animals.  Remove immediately at any sign of potential harm.
  • This durable product is suitable for animals such as elephant, bear, giraffe, hippopotamus, rhinocero, lion, tiger, hyena.
  • This product is currently available in green color.
  • Filled with 1/3 concrete and 2/3 foam.


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