Zigg Enrichment Device


Made with dogs, and large animals such as primates in mind. Large toy for the toughest chewers. Comes with technical data for certification analysis.


The Zig Enrichment Device is designed to satisfy the desire to chew, gnaw and lick. The Zigg is made of durable non-toxic thermoplastic that holds up to the most aggressive chewers. The bumpy surface has nubs and dimples, providing even more oral enrichment.  The Zigg is a favorite with dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals, culpeo, and foxes. Primates like gibbons, langurs, baboons, mandrills, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans use the Zigg as a toy to toss and chew, and as a comforting object to hold. Use the Zigg enrichment device in zoo, farm, shelter, laboratory, veterinary, and pet care settings as a safe and effective environmental enrichment tool.

  • Features
    • Super-strong yet chewable
    • Unique texture keeps animals interested
    • Made in USA, non-toxic and safe
    • Watch how we make it!


Additional information

Weight 0.365 lbs


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