The Nibblenet Nibble-Go-Round (2 Sizes)


NibbleNet ® “Nibble-Go-Round” Standard
The perfect trailer bag! Now available in 2 sizes!
Ships with Draw Rope
Our newest invention and one very cool bag is now available in a larger size!!
Nibble-Go-Round SMALL measures 22″ tall and has a bottom diameter of 13″. It is available in 2″, 1.5″ and 1.25″ openings. It holds 8 to 10 pounds of hay.
Nibble-Go-Round LARGE measures 23″ tall and has a bottom diameter of 17″. It is available ONLY with 1.5″ openings.


It comes with a draw-rope to close the bag which is threaded through (8) D-rings to draw the top closed. Also, our 24″ straps work beautifully on the top (not included)
We have placed the same webbing grid on the bottom of the bag to ensure that the very fine chaff falls to the floor and does not get stuck in the bag.

This bag has one D-ring on the bottom should you decide to stabilize it, but with the webbing all around the bag, you can just let it twirl around. Like, well, A Merry-go-Round!

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