Stubbs England Slo-Grazer


Significantly extends the feeding time which can help with health as well as boredom breaking.  Recommended by horse nutritionist.

Seriously tough, this circular ground feeder dramatically cuts waste, slows consumption AND is a great boredom breaker. Holds 15 lbs. of hay. 

Ground level feeding for natural posture and best digestion. Has a hatch on the underside for easy filling. Plastic grate forces animal to graze, eating slower.

Usual tough STUBBYTHENE moulding (tested to -86F) in Green and Black 

  1. Turn upside down and remove hatch with a 1/4 twist
  2. Fill with hay
  3. Replace hatch with a 1/4 twist; turn right way up.
  4. The grazing-grid is automatically on top of the hay and the grazer is ready for use.

Great for horses, gazelle, zebras, rhinos, hippos, elephants and other hoof stock


approximately 17 in tall

approximately 19 lbs.

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Black, Green