Stubbs England Pony Hay Roller


  • Stubbs Lidded Hay Roller. Great quality official product. Boredom breaker or slow feeder which is great for reducing intake whilst occupying the diet restricted horse. It will stop hay blowing around the field or getting muddy and the conical shape rolls in a circle, not under a hedge or fence. Very easy filling through the funnel-shaped opening. Innovative tough lid to increase feed time. Can also double as a pole block. Made from exceptionally durable stubbythene. Hole size is 3in, feeder hole is 9.8in diameter and overall length is 24.4in.
    • 100% Plastic
    • Stubbs Lidded S4180 Hay Roller(pony)
    • Pony
    • Dispenser
    • Enrichment
    • Pet Food

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  • This is a great boredom breaker/slow feeder – and it stops hay blowing around the field.
  • The conical shape rolls in a circle so it does not go straight across a field and under a hedge or fence.
  • It is a serious feeder and will take as much hay as a large hay net or hayrack.
  • The filler is funnel shaped to make filling very easy. Dual purpose, it is also a pole block.
  • Comes with tough, innovative lid for both horse and pony.
  • Exceptionally durable and Ultra tough STUBBYTHENE molding, tested to -30 degrees
  • Pony hole size 5cm (1.9685 INCHES)
  • Only available in blue color

Additional information

Weight 10.8027 lbs
Dimensions 24.4094 × 23.2283 × 11.4173 in


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