StripHair Gentle Groomer


Original for Horses and Dogs 6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage

The StripHair Gentle Groomer comes in Original black or Sensitive red. Choose from a pair of black, a pair of red, or a combination of black and red.

Intended for daily grooming all year long. Made from a blend of natural rubber, orange oils, and anti-microbial agents to ensure optimum performance, cleanliness, and durability. Bristle, blade-free design ensures no risk of damage to the coat or skin. Therapeutic benefits include increased blood circulation, and muscle and tissue warming for improved health, mobility, and body comfort. Small soft-cleaning diamonds help exfoliate the face and legs; large soft-cleaning diamonds help remove dried mud, loose hair, dander, dirt, sweat, and stains. Gentle grooming edge (use at 45° angle) aids in shedding hair, cleaning the skin, adding shine, distributing skin’s oils, and scraping off the water after shampooing. Contours comfortably everywhere on the animal’s body. No place for hair and dirt to collect; will never grow or harbor bacteria or fungus.

There are differences in the material characteristics of the black and the red StripHair Groomers that you can learn more about in the tab for Horse and the tab for Dogs, but generally Black is best for Horses
and Red for Dogs.
Original for Horses – Unique all-in-one design offers unlimited convenience to groom, curry, shine, shed, shampoo, slick, and massage. The feeling of gentle grooming offers comfort and reassurance to the anxious or distrustful horse. Also helps remove tack marks and safely clean saddle pads and blankets.
Sensitive for Pets – Offers convenient, multi-purpose functionality to groom, shed, shampoo, shine, and massage. Ideal for short and medium coats, or dogs with anxiety or aging issues. Safely cleans upholstery, too.



With regular use, the StripHair Groomer, Original or Sensitive, can improve the condition of the skin and coat while aiding the body in good blood circulation and muscle warming for better health, mobility, and comfort.


  • stripHair 6-in-1 Gentle Grooming Brush is a unique multi-purpose tool that can Shed – Groom – Shine – Shampoo – Scrape and Massage the coat and body… Horses and dogs love how The Gentle Groomer feels! MADE IN USA by Betty’s Best, Patent Number USD841900S1
  • Remove Shedding Hair Blade-Free. StripHair was designed for comfort with flexible rubber, rounded corners, wedged ends, exfoliating diamonds, and Gentle Grooming Edge for safely removing loose hair and skin while adding shine and protection to the coat
  • Clean the Coat with StripHair diamonds exfoliating feature and no-clog design to curry dried mud and sweat while loosening hair…Just rinse to clean! Lather shampoo and scrape rinse water using the unique Gentle Grooming Edge for bath-time ease
  • Provide Massage & Therapy Aid with regular use of The Gentle Groomer to comfortably stretch the fascia, warm muscles, and calm nerves while increasing circulation to improve mobility and health in horses and dogs
  • Clean Saddle Pads and Leg Wraps using StripHair to remove hair, ground in dirt, and dried sweat helping to increase comfort for the horse and preserve the pad. Bonus use: remove hair and debris from the auto interior

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