Wooden Soft Maple 4″Block Cube LAMINATED (glued) for Animals


4″ Laminated Maple Block Cubes. Suitable for rodents such as mice and rats in a laboratory setting.


These blocks are made from laminated (glued) layers of maple. They are perfect for animals that need to gnaw, chew, and bite. The chewable blocks add interesting enrichment to your animal’s environment. The maple blocks will be grasped and chewed by small animals like gerbils, deer mice, chinchillas, cotton rats, rice rats, multimammate rats, spiny mice, degus, voles, rabbits, and other rodents. These blocks are also recommended for laboratories keeping Swiss Webster, nude, transgenic mice, NOD, FVB, BALB, and other strains of laboratory mice.

Mix and match with our 1” wooden balls and 3/4” birch blocks.

  • Adds enrichment to enclosures
  • Reduces negative stereotypy
  • Made in the USA


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