Scratch N’ All Scratcher – Flexible Panels

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Scratch N’ All panels are flexible scratcher pads for animals large and small. Scratching and grooming is an activity all animals enjoy. But when they rub on convenient surfaces or objects like door jambs, furniture and posts that area soon shows wear. Wood will splinter and create rough edges and sharp points that could puncture the skin or cause other serious injuries. These panels solve that problem! The panels will bend around corners and interlock together. Because of its unique shape you can create a pattern which best suits the animals’ enrichment needs. The pad’s 212 points can touch key acupressure areas and is the perfect self-grooming solution. Originally invented for horses, the scratcher pad is now satisfying many different species of animals like donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals at your petting zoo, farm, and animal rescue. Dogs love the scratcher too! What about exotic zoo animals? Zebras, camels, elephants, and a host of other exotic zoo species love being comforted by this scratcher.  Human interaction and environmental enrichment is beneficial in laboratory and research settings too. Research and veterinary animals like swine, cows, sheep, and other species will really appreciate the calming affect this device brings. Scratch N’ All panels provide safe relief from hard to reach itches. The Scratch N’ All animal scratcher pad is easy to install. Simply screw into the wall, post, or corner.

Scratch N’ All panels relieve stress and boredom by allowing your animals to self-sooth that itch. Many animals think the panel is just plain fun to rub against. It makes a good addition to your environmental enrichment program at the zoo, farm, animal rescue and large animal veterinary clinic. Don’t forget to check out our Scratch Me Silly hand-held scratcher!

  •  Available in a variety of colors
  • Made from heavy-duty thermoplastic
  • You can adapt them to animal and space preference
  • All orders are sent in unpackaged bulk form along with hardware and installation instructions
  • Made in USA

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