Scratch Me Silly Scratcher


Scratch Me Silly is the “Ultimate Belly Scratching Tool” and so much more.

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Scratch Me Silly is an effective and ergonomically friendly animal scratcher for medium to large animals. The scratcher is 32 inches long, allowing you to stand upright and scratch the belly or back of the animal. No more bending or leaning over tall and large animals. The long handle positions the user at a safe distance from hind legs. Scratch Me Silly is lightweight, weighing only 17 ounces.  The scratch pads are triangularly shaped, with rounded corners. One end is larger, for bigger animals while the other end is smaller to reach delicate areas or for use with smaller animals. You can use the tool to apply shampoo. Your animals will enjoy massage and shampoo at the same time.

Originally invented for horses, the scratcher pad is now satisfying many different species of animals like donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals at your petting zoo, farm, and animal rescue. Dogs love the scratcher too! What about exotic zoo animals? Zebras, camels, elephants, and a host of other exotic zoo species love being comforted by this scratcher.  Human interaction and environmental enrichment is beneficial in laboratory and research settings too. Research and veterinary animals like swine, cows, sheep, and other species will really appreciate the calming affect this device brings.

Animal therapists have noticed that many animals respond to the scratcher by raising its back which  strengthens the core and back muscles. This product can also be used to apply rubs, liniments, and botanical products to sooth sore muscles, reduce inflammation, or just calm and relax the animal. Simply place a cloth on the pad, apply the liquid, and apply to your animal at a safe distance.

In addition to being the most versatile belly scratcher on the market, Scratch Me Silly is also helps physically challenged people to connect with their animals. It is the go-to tool for human-animal therapeutic programs. Human-animal bonding is enhanced by physical touch. Use this scratcher as an enrichment device for soothing the animal and acclimating it to human interaction. Recommended for horses, ponies, goats, camels, pigs, larger dogs, and other farm, zoo, and larger companion animals. We also offer the Itchin’ Post that allows animals to scratch on their own.

  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 3 x 3 inches



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