STUBBS ENGLAND Rock N’ Roll Feeder Ball


One of the most popular equestrian enrichment products!



The Stubbs England Rock N’ Roll Feeder Ball is a favorite with horse owners around the world.  The capsule shape causes the feeder to roll in a random, wobbly pattern. The feeder slowly dispenses treats as the horse nudges and noses the feeder ball around the pasture. Treats stay clean and dry inside the feeder. The Stubbs England Rock N’ Roll Feeder Ball large enough to contain enough treats for one or more horses. They’ll be busy for hours!  It is easy to load with a large funnel-shaped filler. The 2-inch feeder hole slowly dispenses treats, preventing over-eating. The feeder ball will provide hours of slow-feeding enrichment for horses and ponies.

This feeder is not limited to horses! Donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals at your petting zoo, farm, and animal rescue will also benefit from this fun and effective enrichment device. Zebras, camels, primates, and a host of other exotic zoo species find this slow-feeder fascinating and engaging. Researchers know environmental enrichment is beneficial in laboratory and research settings. If you are working with  research and veterinary animals like swine, cows, sheep, and other species, try this fun and effective treat dispenser. Guaranteed to dispense with boredom and negative behaviors.

Use this rolling feeder to keep your horses moving around and curious. A real boredom-buster! Enrichment is beneficial for all horses and is essential for mental and physical health. This hay roller is tough! It is molded from a polymer the maker calls “STUBBYTHENE”. Durability testing shows this material remains pliable even in freezing weather. This hay roller feeder ball is a proven winner with horse lovers along with busy  stables, zoos, animal rescues, and veterinary schools. We also carry a large hanging hay ball for the barn or stall.

  • Proven enrichment value for all horses.
  • Available in Blue or Green.
  • Constructed from ultra-tough STUBBYthene to endure rough treatment.
  • Length: 13 inches – Diameter: 10 inches – Weight:  2.6 lbs.

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Weight 10.8027 lbs
Dimensions 24.4094 × 23.2283 × 11.4173 in
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