Right Angle Animal Scratcher – 3 panel set


The Right Angle Scratcher is a flexible, textured panel that mounts to building corners, posts, barn, and paddock structures.


When animals get itchy, they will find anything to rub up against to relieve that itch. This behavior can cause damage to the animal both physically and mentally as well as to your property. The Right Angle Animal Scratcher mounts to the corner of a post, stall, or wall. It gives horses and other livestock a safe and effective way to reach those itchy spots. It  is the perfect self-grooming solution. Our scratcher pad is perfect for many different species of animals like donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other species at your petting zoo, farm, and animal rescue. What about exotic zoo animals? Zebras, camels, elephants, and a host of other exotic zoo species love being comforted by this scratcher.  Human interaction and environmental enrichment is beneficial in laboratory and research settings too. Research and veterinary animals like swine, cows, sheep, and other species will really appreciate the calming affect this device brings. This device will also reduce wear and tear on the places where animals rub and cause damage. What makes the Right Angle Animal Scratcher better is that it is not made of rubber. Rubber tends to pull out fur and hair due to rubber’s “gripping” power. This scratcher is made of UV-resistant polyethylene. It allows animals to scratch the itch with a smooth gliding action. It also lets horses with blankets rub against it without causing frayed material.

Use the scratcher for:

  • Corner walls
  • Square posts
  • Entryways
  • Shed corners
  • Stall doors

Other benefits include allowing the animals to self-massage, which provides a sense of relief and stress-reduction. It is the perfect solution for your horses, ponies, cows, sheep, donkeys, and other itchy animal friends! The 3-panel kit comes with mounting hardware. t

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Maintenance-free
  •  Each panel is 10.5″ tall x 9″ wide.
  • 3 panels per set.

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