Remote Door Operator (3 Styles)


Introducing the “Remote Door Operator” – Revolutionize the way you access and control your doors with our heavy-duty bracket/crank system. Engineered for durability and convenience, this innovative device seamlessly integrates with any existing pulley system, offering a reliable and effortless solution to open and close doors remotely. Available in different sizes and build materials.


OERDO1 – Brass Remote Door Operator

  • Brass construction
  • Mountable to almost any wall/pillar
  • Spring-locking system to allow/hinder counterclockwise movements
  • Detachable crank handle
  • Does NOT include roller chain or cable wire

OERDO2 – Large Remote Door Operator (Brass/Aluminum)

  • Aluminum tensioning case
  • Aluminum tensioning arms/supporting hardware(assorted bearings, nuts, bolts, springs, pulleys.)
  • Locking mechanism
  • One chain rated 2100lbs (12′ sections)
  • The estimated timeline for fabrication is roughly two and a half weeks after the material/hardware arrives in-house
  • Does NOT include roller chain or cable wire

OERDO3K – Stainless Steel Door Operator Kit (Includes Operator, Cable Wire, and Roller Chain)

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Detachable crank handle
  • Locking mechanism
  • 8.5″L x 6″W x 42″H (Without crank handle)
  • Bearing weight: 400lbs
  • 304 stainless steel cable wire: 1/8″ thickness, 50ft length
  • Stainless steel roller chain: 15mm wide, 5ft length

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

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