Primate Nesting Box


Washable and comfortable for small primates, cats, or aye ayes


Nesting boxes are proving to be very effective enrichment tools with a variety of captive animals. The Otto Primate Nesting Box is designed for smaller primates and other nesting animals like cats and aye ayes. Measuring 10” x 10” x 10”, the box is made of breathable nylon mesh for comfort and air flow. The black nylon provides a darkened environment but allows viewing of the animals.  This nesting box has one 5” diameter opening. The nylon mesh is supported by a stainless-steel rod frame. The mesh is held on by Velcro and is easy to remove for washing or replacement. The box has a loop on each top corner for hanging. The nesting box is suitable for all animal care facilities requiring effective environmental enrichment including zoos, animal rescues, veterinary clinics, and research settings.


    • Features
      • Can be suspended for climbing primates
      • Lightweight
      • Easily cleaned
      • Reduces stress and stereotypic behavior


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