Otto Washable Plastic Nesting/foraging Pads set of 6


Used by commercial egg farms since 1972. Assures cleaner, better hatching eggs. Resistant to lice, insects, rot, mildew & fungal growth. Allows dirt to pass through the nesting pad.

Washes out easily 11″ x 11 1/2″ Sturdy plastic material.

6 per set -color grey astroturf


  • Durable plastic construction
  • Turf-type fingers keep eggs cleaner and allow debris to fall through
  • Having extra nest pads makes cleaning tasks easier and more convenient
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  • EASY CLEANING – No smell or dampness will live in your chicken coop as the 6 nesting box mats are breathable and waterproof. Simply collect the intact eggs, shake the nest box pads off, and replace them in the hen nesting boxes. For deep cleaning hose down
  • NO MORE BROKEN EGGS – With flexible plastic chicken coop bedding to cushion the fall, your girls can do their egg laying without you having to worry about breakages. The holes in the hen nesting pad mats also allow droppings to fall through, meaning a cleaner, healthier coop. The perfect chicken accessories
  • Great idea for foraging animal-spread food directly on mat, it is washable