Nibblenet Mini Mesh Primate Bag


Zoo Atlanta and The NibbleNet Hay Bag have designed “The Primate NibbleNet®” now being used with Gorillas

“Deb has some great products for various horses and hoofstock species, but this NibbleNet® was designed to encourage natural behaviors and curiosity from the gorillas. In the wild, gorillas forage approximately 70% of their day. The NibbleNets® allows staff to fill with alfalfa or hay combined with food or enrichment items. The gorillas work to get everything out of the NibbleNets. So instead of setting that food in a pile and consuming it in 30 seconds, it may take them 20 or more minutes to obtain the food through the NibbleNets. Same amount of food, just a different way to process it and increase the amount of time they forage for their food. The NibbleNets® offer foraging opportunities for the gorillas in longer durations. It’s hard to mimic the animals’ natural environment exactly, but the NibbleNets® help with that. Enrichment keeps our animals healthy and engaged and an enriched animal is a happy animal.”


  • Dimensions 22” x 17” w/1.5” openings
  • One set of D-rings at the top
  • Velcro to close off the top entirely

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 2 in


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