Mouse Relaxer Enrichment Device


The Mouse Relaxer is all stainless steel bead chain and designed to hang from any wire bar lid. Makes great enrichment for rodents, rats, mice, and other like creatures.


Rats and mice are subject to stress when their environment lacks proper enrichment. This leads to poor outcomes in laboratory studies and trials. The Mouse relaxer is designed to provide captive rodents of all types with a calming interactive toy to nudge, bump, and explore. The stainless-steel beads provide gentle tactile and auditory sensory experience that has a calming effect. Simply hang the Mouse Relaxer from the wire cage.  This product has no sharp edges and is easily cleaned. The Mouse Relaxer satisfies IACUC standards for universities, laboratories, research facilities as well as animal care guidelines used in zoos and other public attractions. Suitable for gerbils, deer mice, chinchillas, cotton rats, rice rats, multimammate rats, spiny mice, degus, voles, and other rodents.

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to hang in cages
  • Easily cleaned
  • 5” overall length


Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × .5 in


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