Lixit Chicken Toy


Keep your chickens active with the Lixit Chicken Toy. This fun toy doubles as a treat dispenser that you can pull apart and fill with scratch, mealworms or your favorite treat. Drop the treat ball in with the chickens and watch them peck and move the ball around as they try to get to the tasty treat inside. Food is slowly released from the openings, keeping them amused and engaged

Why not get your flock moving when it’s time for treats? Scoop treats into the Lixit Chicken Toy, snap it shut, place on the ground and let your chickens go to town. As they chase and peck at the ball, treats are released.

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Key Benefits


  • Another great way to keep chickens occupied is with the Lixit Chicken Toy — the ultimate in providing action and snacks to your chickens.
    It has an easy, pull-apart design to fill with feed, mealworms, or any favorite treats.
  • Brightly colored treat ball
    Food releases as chickens peck
    Chickens have fun chasing the ball
    Fill with a favorite treat Small openings dispense treats

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


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