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Give your horse a treat with the Likit Starter kit!

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Likit Starter Kit. Likit products are favorite equine enrichment and boredom-busting products among horse lovers and care-givers.  Likit is made in Scotland but used around the world by professional and hobby horse enthusiasts and professionals. You will find the products used at horse farms, riding academies, horse rescues, zoos, and even in research settings at universities and veterinary schools. Likit products are proven winners in horse environmental enrichment. New to Likit products? The Starter Kit is the perfect way to treat your horses to fun and dynamic enrichment.

The starter kit contains a Likit Holder, three assorted Likit refills in apple, carrot and cherry flavors, plus two bags of the popular  Likit Snaks, one in apple & cinnamon and the other in mint & eucalyptus flavor. The Likit system provide delicious entertainment for your horse, giving them a break from boredom. Hand it in their stall or even the horse trailer, and watch them lick and play as it moves through the air, providing a tasty and rewarding challenge!  Scientifically proven to prevent stall vices and may help prevent ulcers.

Set-up is easy. Simply load the Likit Holder and hang it where your horse can reach it. Works great for ponies, horses, donkeys, and mules.

The Likit Starter Kit kit contains:

1. Likit Holder

2.Likit Refills (1 each – Apple, Carrot and Cherry)

3. Likit Snaks (1 eah Mint & Eucalyptus and Apple-Cinnamon)

We carry the Likit Refills so your equine friends will never run out.


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