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The Likit Snak-a-Ball stimulates natural grazing behavior, which is beneficial to a horse’s digestion. The rolling ball encourages horses, ponies, zebras, and other ungulates to reach forwards and down, stretching their muscles from poll to tail. It mirrors grazing behavior, which is beneficial for their digestion as well. Fill the ball with your horse’s normal daily ration of dry feed (pelleted feed works best). Place the ball in their stall or field and watch your horse enjoy this fun and effective enrichment product! The Snak-A-Ball considerably extends the feeding time of the horse. As the ball only drops a few pellets every now and then, the horse can spend less time showing undesirable behavior or being bored or stressed. This environmental enrichment product is recommended for zoos, stables, animal rescues, and research facilities such as veterinary and equine-related universities.

  • Slow feeding toy for horses
  • Provides entertainment and boredom relief
  • Encourages natural grazing behavior
  • Beneficial for digestion

We also carry the Likit Starter Kit.

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