Likit Refill Treats


Fun treats that help relieve boredom and keep your horse happy and healthy.

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Likit Refill Treats are mouth watering tasty treats that have been designed to be used in with the Likit range of enrichment toys. Use these refills in in Boredom Buster, Boredom Breaker, and Tongue Twister toys. This type of boredom-busting activity has been scientifically proven to prevent stall vices and stereotypic behaviors, and may also help prevent ulcers. The refill treats are made of natural ingredients and avoid processed sugar. These treats contain Made from glucose, the simplest strain of sugar, much like that found in grasses. Likit Refill Treats come in a range of flavors from salty to sweet versions guaranteed to get your horse’s taste buds tingling. These treats are a delicious formulation that your horse or pony will absolutely love. Available in 6 flavors horse love: Apple, Mint, Carrot, Banana, Molasses, and Blueberry*

Are you new to Likit equestrian products? Likit products are proven winners when it comes to equine enrichment, keeping stable life less stressful and more fun. The products are effective environmental enrichment products that provide physical and cognitive fun for your horse. The Likit products have also been used with exotic zoo animals and other ungulates. We recommend this range of enrichment products for stables, pastures along with zoo enclosures, animal rescue facilities, and animal research institutions.

*Blueberry is a Jolly Stall Snack Refill


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