Likit Granola Refill & Granola Stall Ball


Likit Granola Equine Treats

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Two granola-based treats from Likit.

Likit Granola Refill treats are a long-lasting lick, jam-packed with tasty grains including; maize, wheat, barley, and oats. Use in the Likit Holder or Boredom Breaker to help relieve equine boredom and stress or simply as a fun treat for your horse or pony to enjoy. The hard formulation of the Likit Granola Refill and Ball means the horse has to work a bit for their reward. This provides hours of physical and cognitive enrichment and just plain fun entertainment. Your horse will have great fun trying to lick and nibble the granola. Licking can also stimulate salivation, which helps buffer stomach acid.

The Granola Stall Ball requires no holder. Just hang it in the stall, trailer, or anywhere your horse can enjoy a health treat. The rock hard formulation and spherical shape makes it difficult to bite, making it a great product for horses, ponies, and other ungulates.

We recommend the Likit products for horse enthusiasts, horse farms, riding stables, zoos, and university veterinary and equine health research.

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Mixed Grains (Kibbled Maize, Whole Wheat, Bruised Barley, Rolled Oats), Sucrose, Cane Molasses, Salt.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Fiber 1.5%, Sugar as sucrose 17.6%, Moisture 13.5%, Starch 14.3%

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