Likit Equine Tongue Twister


Likit Tongue Twister!


For a simple, yet challenging horse toy, look no further than the Likit Equine Tongue Twister! The Likit Equine Tongue Twister toy is designed and tested by behaviorists and veterinarians and is scientifically proven to reduce boredom and negative behavior in the stable. How it works. The ball is designed to hold a Likit treat (sold separately). The ball, made of rubberized polyethylene, spins while being licked, ensuring your horse has to work for its reward. The Tongue Twister mounts to a wall or post, creating an entertaining treat station for horses, ponies and even animals like cattle,  zebras, deer and other ungulates. The space-saving design makes it easy to provide a fun treat in an entertaining puzzle. The Likit Equine Tongue Twister is not as challenging as the Likit Boredom Breaker. It is an easier challenge yet provides hours of engaging fun to stimulate the animal’s mind and body.

This Tongue Twister is a favorite with riding academies, trainers, petting farms, zoos, and veterinary research farms. A Tongue Twister will help alleviate boredom and negative behavior in the stall, zoo, and animal rescue.

  • Provides hours of mental stimulation horses
  • Can be used in a trailer
  • Features multi-directional movement
  • Requires  small-size Likit refills (sold separately)




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