Life Data® Sweat Formula


Restores Horse’s Ability to Sweat

Life Data® Sweat Formula is formulated to enhance the ability of non-sweating horses to sweat. The active ingredients also restore skin condition. Life Data® Sweat Formula For Non-Sweating Horses Horses, like humans, regulate their body temperature through the evaporation of sweat. Anhidrosis in horses is the inability or reduced capacity to sweat. Dangerous hyperthermia, or overheating, often occurs and requires immediate action by the horse owner or handler to cool down the horse. Life Data® Sweat Formula provides active ingredients that help induce the horse’s ability to sweat. The active ingredients contained in Life Data® Sweat Formula will also promote the growth of healthy skin. Available in 11 lb nitrogen flushed vacuum bags


Problems it Addresses

Calorie requirements vary widely between broodmares and growing horses and must be addressed separately from other nutrient requirements. When compounded feeds are used, the nutrients added to the feed are “force fed” into the horse at indiscriminate amounts in order to meet the calorie requirements to grow the fetus, lactate or gain weight. This leads to over-supplementation of horses requiring a high-calorie intake at their higher feeding levels and insufficient nutrient supplementation of the easy keeper mares.

The Solution

Life Data® Broodmare and Growing Horse allow the horse owner to separate the calorie requirements for gestation, lactation, or growth from other nutrient requirements. Proper feeding during gestation and growth results in a healthier horse!
Give hay and/or pasture for roughage, Life Data®Broodmare, Growing Horse for nutrients, and whole oats as an additional calorie source to maintain body condition.
Each 11 lb. bag is a thirty-day supply for an adult 1,000 lb. broodmare or a growing horse with an expected adult weight of 1,000 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 11.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2.68 × 4.5 in