Life Data® Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse Feed Con. (11 Lbs)


The Barn Bag® Pleasure and Performance Horse Hay and Pasture Balancer is a low starch concentrated nutrient source designed to balance hay and pasture diets, prevent supplementation and eliminate the feeding of compounded feeds. Barn Bag® is ideal for all adult horses including easy keepers, metabolic syndrome horses, insulin-resistant horses, hard keepers, and working horses.

  • Feed concentrate designed to balance equine hay and pasture diets.
  • Sixty-day supply for an adult 1000-pound pleasure or performance horse engaged in the average activity.
  • Feed separately, or if an additional calorie source is needed top dress on whole oats.
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Barn Bag® eliminates the necessity to feed compound feeds.

Horses may receive other supplements for specific needs, such as Farrier’s Formula® for healthy hooves.

Feeding Your Horse

For Low Activity, Easy Keepers, Obesity, Injury Lay-Up, Metabolic Syndrome, or Insulin Resistant Horses:

Reduce starch and caloric intake by eliminating all other feeds except hay, pasture, free choice white salt, and Barn Bag®.

For hard keepers and working horses:

An additional source of calorie intake, if needed to maintain body condition, can be provided by feeding whole oats, beet pulp, copra, and/or vegetable oil.

Body Weight Cups Per Day
500 lb (225 kg) 1/4 Cup (43 g)
1,000 lb. (450 kg) 1/2 Cup (85 g)
1,500 lb. (675 kg) 3/4 Cups (128 g)
2,000 lb. (900 kg) 1 Cup (170 g)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2.68 × 4.5 in