Kane Milk Replacement Drinkers 3 and 8 hole


The Kane Milk Replacement Feeders are made of high density durable polyethylene, non-corrosive, non-rusting, long lasting. The feeders are one piece construction, with a translucent, graduated milk level reservoir.

The external molded-in tube on side from reservoir to trough allows product to fill the trough only to top of tube opening. The feeder works on the vacuum system and allows a half inch of product into trough. As piglets drink, it allows air into the reservoir and more product into trough.

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*The KMF3 is designed for the creep area of the farrowing crate. Mounts easily on creep divider, feed trough takes up minimal amount of creep floor space. 

KMF3  2.5 gallon/9 liter capacity

*The KMF8 is designed for use in a care center.  Also can be used in a small pen for the weaker piglets.

KMF8 7 gallon/25 liter capacity

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