Kane Milk Replacement Drinkers (2 Sizes)


The Kane Milk Replacement Feeders are made of high-density durable polyethylene, non-corrosive, non-rusting, and long-lasting. The feeders are one-piece construction, with a translucent, graduated milk-level reservoir.

The external molded-in tube on the side from the reservoir to the trough allows the product to fill the trough only to the top of the tube opening. The feeder works on the vacuum system and allows a half inch of product into the trough. As piglets drink, it allows air into the reservoir and more product into the trough.



*The KMF3 is designed for the creep area of the farrowing crate. Mounts easily on creep divider, feed trough takes up minimal amount of creep floor space. 

KMF3  2.5 gallon/9 liter capacity

*The KMF8 is designed for use in a care center.  Also can be used in a small pen for the weaker piglets.

KMF8 7 gallon/25 liter capacity

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