JW Pet Invincible Chains (2 Sizes)


JW® Invincible Chains® is a super-strong tug toy. The Chain’s solid, no-glue construction stands up to the rough play. It has a special texture that canines love to chew on. The Invincible Chain is easy to hold on to while your dog tugs with all his or her might. Enjoy a game of toss and tug with this unique dog toy. Features include rubber rings with rope. Ships in assorted colors. Choose from Small (8”) or Large (15”).


  • Made with natural rubber.
  • Patented No Seams Technology holds up to the strongest tuggers.
  • Great for multi-dog households.
  • Suitable for teething puppies, perfect for interactive play

PRODUCT NOTE: No dog toy is truly indestructible. Discard the toy if your dog starts chewing off pieces of the rubber.

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