Jolly Stall Snack Combo


A great equine enrichment stall treat combining a healthy snack and a toy for your horse. The treat system dangles in the stall to help alleviate boredom. Designed to allow the animal to lick, not bite, the treat. The 8-inch jolly ball is ideal for your horse to play with in more confining areas. Holder is made of durable, chew resistant plastic.

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  • Easy to hang in any stall or on any fence.
  • Helps prevent cribbing, weaving, wood chewing and other destructive behaviors that are associated with boredom.
  • Provides a highly palatable treat for your horse.
  • Easy to refill.



Remove plastic wrap. Remove snap hook from top and green ‘stem’ in the apple snack holder. Pull out stem and remove holder top and bottom. Carefully cut off outside plastic wrap, leaving base intact from snack treat. Re-assemble apple snack holder and replace snap hook. Hang at least 5 ft from floor and 3 ft from wall. Recommended intake is up to 10.6 oz per head, per day.

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