BACK-OFF Suspension TOOL 3/8″ ROD


The Back Off Tool (or Back-Off Suspension Tool) is an ideal tool to safely keep animals away from you and your work without hurting them or startling them. The polycarbonate triangle on the end is durable enough to push and keep animals back but flexible enough to allow for gentle handling of the animal. Use the Back Off Tool to ensure both handler and animal safety.


3/8″ rod diameter with light handle and a 48″ length– for Use with light to medium size animals under 10 lbs.


The Back-off tool is one of the safest ways to keep animals back from you or what you may be doing when inside their enclosure. Even if the animal is not dangerous, you just do not need them getting up under you and causing you to trip or even fall. This tool has three sizes. Depending on the type of animal you need to keep back which one you will need. Great for types of birds, and small mammals. The Polycarbonate triangle is flexible, so as you push it against the animal it will bow inwards NOT hurting the animal, but still keeping them away from you and the work you are doing!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 in