Hole Board Test


Sensitive Test for Drug Effects on Exploratory Behavior in mice
The normal mouse of either gender will explore holes in the substrate of its environment by plunging its head in and out of the hole a few times, then moving on to the next hole. This is a natural exploratory behavior, and very stereotypical of mice.

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Various psychoactive drugs will influence the occurrence, persistence and duration of this behavior. A five-minute test, beginning immediately after setting the animal on the board, is sufficient for most screening or comparison purposes.

Infrared emitter/detector arrays in each hole reliably detect head entry and removal. The circuitry distinguishes the rapid up-and-down movements of a single exploratory event, from separate exploratory events, interrupted by grooming, movement to a new hole, etc.

Data Collection
Data are displayed as a raw number of beam breaks (head pokes). The Hole Board Test controller connects to the 52600 Computer Interface for automated data collection into a Windows® computer. Win-DAS software is required for data acquisition.


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