Hay Play Feeder


Hay Play Feeder for horses and other grazers.


The Hay Play Feeder is an innovative way to feed your horse its daily forage intake while stimulating mind and body. The Hay Play Feeder simulates a natural grazing position and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The unique 16″ 32-side design invites your horse to nudge and roll the feeder while enjoying tasty forage . The feeder is filled by unscrewing the 5″ cap and stuffing with hay. Your horse will play for hours. This enrichment toy also has the benefit of helping you control hay intake. Ideal for horses on a restrictive diet. Manufactured in one piece from super-durable polyethylene. It will hold up to rough play and years of all-season use.
This feeder is not limited to horses! Donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals at your petting zoo, farm, and animal rescue will also benefit from this fun and effective enrichment device. Zebras, camels, giraffe, primates, and a host of other exotic zoo species find this slow-feeder fascinating and engaging. Researchers know environmental enrichment is beneficial in laboratory and research settings. If you are working with  research and veterinary animals like swine, cows, sheep, and other species, try this fun and effective treat dispenser. Guaranteed to dispense with boredom and negative behaviors.
Feeding holes are 2 – 3/4″.  We also carry a feeder with smaller 2″ feeding holes is also available. The recessed holes prevent dirt contamination. The feeder hold up to 6.5 lbs of hay or haylage. This enrichment device works with animals like giraffes, donkeys, goats, deer, and bears. We also carry the Stubbs England Rock N’ Roll Feeder!


  • Slow feeding promotes natural eating patterns
  • Tested & supported by equine dentists and veterinarians
  • Suitable for use in the paddock or stable
  • Encourages a natural grazing position
  • Boredom Busting!
  • Wipe clean
  • Large size – 17in.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in
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