Gorilla Chews 3 sizes


Gorilla Chews are the IDEAL natural chew alternative to rubber, latex, and nylon chew toys! Gorilla Chews are an all-natural wood chew for ANIMALS, sustainably harvested and environmentally friendly. Natural dense and very hardwood makes a durable, long-lasting chew for dental and gum care. It does not bleed, stain or smell. Solid Java Wood (coffee tree).


  • The knobby shape is easy to grip and chew
  • Naturally durable and long-lasting
  • Safe, strong, and satisfying wood chew
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages
Item#18500 Width:3.15 Depth:2.50 Height:3.00  Size:XSMALL
Item#18502 Width: 4.72 Depth:3.94 Height: 4.72 Size: MEDIUM
Item#18503 Width: 5.90 Depth:4.72  Height: 5.91 Size: LARGE
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