Ferret Octo Play


If one tunnel is fun, imagine what fun your ferret will have with eight! The Marshall Octo-Play Ferret Hideout Toy is a soft hideaway toy designed to look like a cute, cuddly octopus.

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Your ferret or ferrets will love tunneling through the Marshall Octo-Play Ferret Hideout Toy’s eight arms and crawling in and out of its 11 access points. It also provides a cozy place to nap and can be used inside or outside the cage.

Provides hours of playtime fun by allowing your ferret to do something they enjoy naturally, dig and tunnel
Unique toy is made of a soft fleece and is equipped with 11 holes placed around the head and tunnels for different access points
Can be used inside or outside of your pet’s cage to keep them occupied in any environment
Easily accommodates several ferrets and is great for playtime
Provides a cozy resting place and is easily cleaned by hand washing and flat drying


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