Exotic Nutrition Sisal Rope Swing


Exotic Nutrition’s Sisal Rope Swing is the perfect accessory for your pet’s exercise and fun! Watch your pet grab, climb, and play on this fun swinging circle.

Measurements: Approximately 8″ tall (including chain) x 6″ across


DISCLAIMER: This product is made with a natural coconut shell and each product will have a unique size, shape, color,  etc. Imperfections such as peeling, cracks, abrasions, etc. are bound to appear. This product is not designed for outdoor use. Non-Toxic wood treatment can be added based on customer preference. Customers should dispose of and replace the product when the wood has been compromised. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Suggested for sugar gliders, birds, marmosets, and other small animals. Thoroughly inspect toys and accessories on a daily basis. Wipe product clean with a damp soft cloth as needed before returning it to the cage.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in