• this over unit is great for house dogs or other similar-sized animals
  • removal floors and excreta pans
  • inside cage dimension is 31 1/2″ wide x 26″ deep x 29″ high
  • overall height is 74″
  • made by Suburban Surgical One over one, all stainless steel and ready to go.
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Suburban Surgical has State of the art manufacturing. We’ve made the investment in the best manufacturing equipment available and will continue to do so as our company expands. Not only that, we have made a commitment to our manufacturing personnel to keep them up to date with the latest assembly processes and skills. This combination of quality machinery and experienced manufacturing staff makes SSCI the finest line of animal care equipment you can buy.

Our cages begin with a 22-gauge Type 304 stainless steel body, seam-welded into one piece to create the strongest cage on the market. The cage interior features a .75-in.(1.90cm) radius side and back bends with coved back corners to eliminate any areas that could harbor dirt and fluids, making our cages easy to clean and disinfect. What’s more, the floors of all of our cages have a fluid-retaining lip at the front edge to help keep urine and fluids from seeping out.


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