Brush N Scratch Massage Grooming Toy


Let your cat brush herself using this innovative scratcher with brushing arch
* Every pass under the arch removes loose hair and massages your cat
* Carpeted base makes a great scratching surface to condition nails
Made in the USA This “kitty spa” keeps your cat groomed AND entertained. Brush N Scratch features a 14″ wide-carpeted base that gives your cat plenty of room to stretch her claws and scratch. The attached arch features soft-nylon bristles (3″ dia) to gently trap fur and massage your cat with every pass. Brush N Scratch helps keep your cat’s coat sleek while reducing matting and hairballs. Thick, carpeted base also provides a soft spot to relax after scratch sessions. Includes catnip packet for instant allure. USA-made. Easy, no-tool assembly.
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  • A Scratchable carpeted base offers sturdy support for the irresistible brush on top.
  • Cats love to rub trhe brush, which massages kitty while removing dead hair and keeping fur sleek.
  • Width- 14.00″, Height-14.50″, Depth-14.00″


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