Boredom Busters Bath Buddy


With the calming Pet Zone Boredom Busters Bath Buddy, you can both entertain and calm your dog! The Bath Buddy makes it simple to keep your dog occupied during bathing while lowering their fear. Simply put your dog’s favorite spreadable snack across the textured surface and watch as he relaxes while slurping up the delicious treat! Great for peanut butter, yogurt, and other wet foods, among other things! Suction cup allows for simple adhesion to non-porous surfaces including refrigerators, doors, shower walls, floors, and more. Perfect for easing separation anxiety, reducing stress during bath time, thunderstorms, and fireworks. It’s also great for keeping your teeth clean! The textured surface is licked to scrape your dog’s tongue, which helps to remove bacteria and freshen breath! Dishwasher & Microwave-Safe. Freezer-Friendly. Made in USA.

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Pet Zone Boredom Busters Bath Buddy | Slow Feeder Licking Bowl

  • Great for reducing anxiety & stress
  • Strong suction
  • Distracts your pet during bathing & grooming
  • Promotes dental health & fresh breath
  • 7″ Diameter
  • 0.25″ Silicon

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Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7.5 × 2.5 in


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