Boomer Balls (5 Sizes)


Boomer Balls have a rigid sidewall that is resistant, but not impervious, to chewing and scratching. Boomer Balls are not supposed to be picked up by canines. The balls are for rolling and biting activities. The surface of a used ball may develop scratches and chew grooves. The ball surface can be rejuvenated with a carpenter’s rasp, file, or rough sandpaper to restore the smooth surface.




  • Boomer Balls are super-tough and made for rough play
  • Made from polyethylene to resistant to punctures and tearing
  • Popular with many animals including hoofstock and primates

BOO11 – 4.5″ Weight: .50 LBS.  For small dogs like miniature poodles, jack Russels, and other small frame-type dogs. Popular for primates.

BOO12 – 6″ Weight: .50 LBS. For medium size dogs, poodles, border collies, golden retrievers, Labradors, and primates.

BOO14 – 10″ Weight: 2.50LBS.  For the dog that likes to chew a little and play ball like labs, Dobermans, Rotts, pit bulls, and German shepherds.

B0020H – 20″ Weight: 7-10 LBS. The Herding Ball is designed for herding dogs such as Shetland sheepdogs, Australian cattle dogs, Australian shepherds, and Aussies. Use with horses when 3.5″ holes are added so hay can be stuffed into a ball.

BOO20 – 20″ Weight:  17-20 LBS. The Jungle Ball has a sidewall thickness of 1/4 inch. Great for all large dogs or zoo animals such as lions, tigers, and polar bears.


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