Biting Balls (2 Sizes)


Urethane Biting Balls for Swine on Shackle
• Toy for pigs
• Provides distraction, thereby preventing tail biting and other behavior disorders
• High quality ensures product long life

For the pig farming equipment,  Otto utilizes food-grade urethane material under REACH Standards to produce biting pig toys. The product is designed to improve animal welfare.


Our Biting Ball is a tough, durable, long-lasting chew toy for swine, sheep, deer, horses, elk, and other hoof stock.

  • Shackle pig bite ball details:
  • 1. SizeDiameter for the large ball: 3 inches (about 76mm)Diameter for the small ball: 2 inches (about 50mm)2. Elasticity: Shore A 853. Finish line: Shape of round, and the distance should be 0.4 inches (10mm) as shown in the right picture.4. Plastic material: PU5. Color: Natural

    6. Surface: Smooth, clean, no dirt.

    7. Diameter of Shackle: 8mm

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