Activity Panel – Primate Enrichment System (PES)


The “Activity Panel” is one of our many animal enrichment products designed as part of our “Primate Enrichment System (PES).”  The Activity Panel was designed to provide entertainment and amusement for primates.  This product fits into our “Universal PES Bracket” that can be mounted to the side of caging and can be removed for washing and changing PES products.


Visual and tactile enrichment is key to healthy, happy primates. The Activity Panel provides the type of complex, satisfying environment your animals need. The brightly colored spinning, bouncing shapes and bumpy dental bone provide a calming effect during transport, in an enclosure, or zoo environment. The rough texture of the rubber and moving shapes relieve tension while providing auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation. The Activity Panel is an effective habitat enrichment device that appeals to all types of monkeys and apes including tamarins, capuchins, marmosets, macaques, langurs, orangutans, gibbons, and chimpanzees. The Spin-A-Snack works with the Universal PES Bracket for easy mounting and removal for refilling and washing. The bracket makes it easy to insert a variety of enrichment products, like the Food and Treat Feeder and Wave Mirror. The PES system is designed for animal enrichment for animal transportation, laboratory settings, veterinary enclosures, and zoos habitats. All PES components are autoclavable making it easy to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


  • Made of heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Objects rotate on stainless-steel rods
  • Offers complex and engaging activities
  • Autoclavable and washer-safe

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 3 in


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