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Benefits of Wash Baskets for Zoo, Park, Shelter, and Laboratory

Its no secret that caring for an animal is a big job.

If you work at a zoo, shelter, laboratory, or petting farm, you’ve got dozens or hundreds of animals that need daily attention. Your time is valuable and anything that makes the daily tasks easier and faster frees up more time for other projects like enrichment and research activities. One of the most common “everyday” tasks at animal facilities is providing drinking water and nutrition. It takes time for staff to collect, clean, fill, and distribute food, water, and other essentials. Wash baskets, bottle fillers, carts, and other time-saving devices increase efficiency, and make daily tasks go quicker with less work.  That’s why we created the Otto Environmental basket line of products. Here’s how to reduce work and free up more time for you and your staff.

Stainless Steel Mesh Wash Basket
Bottle Filler 12
Stainless Steel Mesh Wash Basket in Feed Cart

Bottle baskets

Whether your providing animals with drinking water or dosing pharmaceuticals in a research study, bottle baskets make the job easier. Our stainless-steel bottle baskets are designed for easy loading. Dirty bottles are quickly collected and secured in the individual compartments. Put an end to “bouncing bottles” tumbling from a tray. If you use glass bottles, you know the hassle of cleaning up broken glass. We designed our bottle baskets with features not found in generic products.

  • 304 Stainless-steel wire construction
  • Sliding lid that won’t fall out or get lost
  • Stackable design keeps baskets stable
Bottle Basket 10
Bottle Basket Plus








Our basic Bottle Basket holds 24 bottles. The Bottle Basket Plus holds 24 8-oz  French square and low-profile bottles, and has duel sliding lids. If your facility requires a smaller-capacity basket, consider the Bottle Basket 12. It holds 12 16-oz bottles. To make filling the bottles easier, use a bottle filler. Fill all the bottles at once!

Bottle Basket 12

Ergonomics and safety matter!

Carrying baskets of bottles and other materials can be tricky in a busy lab, zoo, or shelter. Slip and fall incidents occur in every work environment. Floors are often wet or slippery. The animal enclosures may be some distance from the preparation area. A basket cart makes it easier to retrieve and deliver bottles. Carts relieve muscular microtrauma brought on by repetitive motion, keeping staff in good health and positive mental outlook. There is a cart for every type of facility. Need to transport a lot of baskets? The Bottle Basket Cart SE has it covered. Speaking of covers, we’ve got lightweight covers and carriers for single baskets.

Bottle Basket Cart SE

Hygiene can’t be ignored!

It doesn’t matter if you maintain a veterinary practice, large lab, or a vast zoo, enclosure hygiene is critical for animal health. Best practices and IACUC protocols require washing, decontaminating, or sterilizing equipment like water bottles and other equipment. Our stainless-steel wash baskets make it easy to power-wash, degrease, or autoclave bottles, tools, and enrichment devices. The same applies to our bottle baskets.

Stainless Steel Wash Basket

The benefits of baskets

No matter what type of animals you’re working with, baskets provide an array of benefits to staff and the animals in your care.